HR Venture is an IT Training Academy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Explore the latest information technology with HR venture. Develop your career through your skill, we are here to show your career path.







What We Do

Looking for a software development or consultancy services, we are here with some cool solutions for Web & eCommerce solution, Custom software for Accounts, HRM or payroll software, business ERP software, hospital management system, Garments ERP and more, Collaborate with us today for better a tomorrow.

Our Service

Client Demand Oriented, Customer-Centric, User-Friendly Dynamic websites are ready to deliver our valuable customers. Our international expert team is ready to build your website with your specific requirements. Frontend code encompass HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Backend code runs at the server- this usually consists of speaking with a database and regularly entails languages like Python, Ruby, Java, or PHP.

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Our Courses

Technology is playing a vital role in every sector to make the nation technologically equipped and capable. Our courses are designed for beginners who have started to take an interest in Emerging Technology. Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning courses are awaiting for you. Come and explore the latest information technology with HR venture.

Our project

With internet improvement setting out hastily with inside the industry, the demand for Websites is skyrocketing. In fact, internet improvement has emerged as a promising discipline. In this era, every company needs a website for its smooth business process. So we deliver to our clients lots of projects within a short time period. From a small business firm to a group of company, we have done several projects. Our project aims to create a pixel-perfect design and responsive layout which is the clients highly demanded. Projects that we have done for our valuable clients are also SEO friendly.

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Our product

If you're setting up your online store, you can easily make it using our ready e-commerce site. Just need a suitable domain name related to your business and place all the e-commerce store tools and products you need to launch your online store quickly and start selling online. Besides our school management software, CRM software, magazine website, are also available.

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Our certification course, in collaboration with Jashore University of Science and Technology (JUST) speeds up your profession in emerging technology and gives you the world-class training and skills needed to become fruitful in this field. Our program offers broad preparation on the most popular IT skills with hands-on training to key tools and technologies

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