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Deep Learning in Computer Vision Course

Home Course Deep Learning in Computer Vision Course
Deep Learning in Computer Vision Course

Deep Learning in Computer Vision Course

Course Price: 69999 69999 BDT

Course Duration: 8 Months & 2 Months Intern


Basic knowledge of programming

Laptop/Desktop with Internet Connection

8-10 hours of commitment to learning per week


Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. On AI it expresses the function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. Deep learning uses to drive AI applications and services that improve automation.

Base on the type of data Deep learning differentiate from machine learning in that Deep learning can distinguish itself from classical machine learning. Machine learning needs some structure algorithms with labeled datasets but Deep learning can handle the unlabeled dataset.

There are several places where Deep Learning is using nowadays. But some specific area has the popularity on it as like Text analytics, Text summarization, Data analysis, Image direction, Image Recognition, Language translation, Predictive text, Search results, Smart assistants, and so many on.

On the basis of Bangladesi Market place Bkash, No-god, Rocket, Evaly, and other platforms are using Deep learning to give their customers digital services. Also, give best services and quality full product in the absence or replacement of an employee.

Programmers, jobholders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs can learn Deep Learning. This field is open for all types of analysis purposes.

You would require a good grasp of the following subjects:

a. Linear algebra

b. Probability and Statistics

c. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

d. Programming in any high-level language, preferably Python or Matlab (inbuilt libraries and functions available)

But recently if you search for  Deep Learning online or offline programs in Bangladesh you can find there are few Institute that provides online training or offline training. But you cannot justify yourself as a Deep Learning engineer unless you choose the right platform to learn  Deep Learning.

Although if you search for a Deep Learning program in Dhaka city you may find few institutes that give you live training but not a lot of hands-on practice. And also you may find some boot camps or winners and live workshops which only shares some session of  Deep Learning which is insufficient. 

So if you are interested to learn  Deep Learning HR VENTURE is the perfect place here in Bangladesh. The benefit you can achieve with HR VENTURE is industry Expert. They focus on the industry need for Deep Learning experts.And also so they ensure you to build your skills strong that helps you self confident.

Besides HR VENTURE also refer interns after completing the course. And also give opportunities to involve with the international, government and reputed projects. Which influences the skills.

Although HR venture also collaborates with Data maze, AI labs, Datacore, and BASIS. And also partner with HRV Bytes witch is a software-based company and that provides software solutions and end-to-end great quality products. Compare to other institutes HR Venture is a trusted and leading institute for learning data science.

The course consists of Theory (40%) and Practical (60%)

Module 1: Introduction to deep learning

Variability models (deformation model, stochastic model)

Intro scattering networks

Covariance/invariance: capsules and related models

Connections with other models: dictionary learning

Other tasks: localization, regression

Extensions to non-Euclidean domains

Module 2: Deep supervised Learning with Neural Networks

Deep Learning

Single and Multi-Layer Neural Networks

Perceptron Rule

Gradient Descent


Loss Functions

Module 3: Deep Unsupervised Learning

Autoencoders (standard, denoising, contractive, etc.)

Variational Autoencoders

Adversarial Generative Networks

Maximum Entropy Distributions

Module 4: Hyperparameters tuning, Regularization, and Optimization

Parameters vs Hyperparameters

Regularization reduces overfitting

Data Augmentation

Vanishing/Exploding gradients

Weight Initialization Methods


Building a Linear Classifier

Module 5: Deep Learning for Vision Problems

Object Localization & Detection

Bounding box predictions

Anchor boxes

Region Proposal Networks

Detection Algorithms: RCNN Faster RCNN, Yolo, SSD

Caffe & Object Detection

Module 6: Sequence Models

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)

Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU)

Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)

Bidirectional RNN

Backpropagation through time

Image Caption Generation

Machine Translation

Text Generation & Summarization

Image Captioning & Text Generation

Module 7: Miscellaneous (Basics)

Capsule Networks

Convolutional LSTM

Attention Networks

Restricted Boltzmann Machine

One-Shot Learning, Siamese Networks

Triplet Loss

Graph CNN

Approximate and Energy-Efficient Design for Deep

Enroll in this course to become an industry expert on Deep Learning with Computer Vision