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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Course

Home Course Natural Language Processing (NLP) Course
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Course

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Course

Learn the core techniques of NLP with Python. Gain the career-building Natural Language Processing skills you need to succeed as a data scientist.


Basic knowledge of programming

Laptop/Desktop with Internet Connection

8-10 hours of commitment to learning per week


Natural language processing is a subfield of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). IT is confusing to define the NLP to which process it goes. But it goes to the same field. But here NLP stands for natural language processing.

So it is defined as a subfield of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. And it is concerned with the interactions between computers and human language and also how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

There are several places where NLP is using nowadays. But some specific area has the popularity on it as like Text analytics, Text summarization, Data analysis, Digital phone calls, Language translation, Predictive text, Search results, Smart assistants, and so many on.

On the basis of Bangladesi Market place Bkash, No-god, Rocket, Evaly, and other platforms are using NLP to give their customers digital services. Also, give best services and quality full product in the absence or replacement of an employee.

Programmers, jobholders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs can learn NLP. This field is open for all types of analysis purposes. You would require a good grasp of the following subjects:

a. Linear algebra

b. Probability and Statistics

c. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

d. Programming in any high-level language, preferably Python or Matlab (inbuilt libraries and functions available)

So if you are interested to learn NLP HR VENTURE is the perfect place here in Bangladesh. The benefit you can achieve with HR VENTURE is industry Expert. They focus on the industry's need for NLP experts.  And also so they ensure you to to build your skills strong that helps you self confident.

Besides HR VENTURE also refer interns after completing the course. And also give opportunities to involve with the international, government and reputed projects. Which influences the skills.

Every course is conducted with international and industrial faculties. And also all the curriculums are updated with modern technologies. With this modern curriculum, you can work with emerging technologies. Currently, HR Venture is working on an admirable GOVT project.

Although HR venture also collaborates with Data maze, AI labs, Datacore, and BASIS. And also partner with HRV Bytes witch is a software-based company and that provides software solutions and end-to-end great quality products. Compare to other institutes HR Venture is a trusted and leading institute for learning data science

The course consists of Theory (40%) and Practical (60%)

Module 1: Introducing Natural Language Processing

Patterns and structures in language

Getting to grips with natural language data

Computational tools for text analysis.

Statistically-based techniques for text analysis.

Analyzing sentences: syntax and parsing.

Module 2: NLP patterns and structure in language 

Tokenized text and pattern matching

Recognizing names

Identify parts of speech

Constituent structure

Representing finite-state machines

Some further uses of regular expressions

Module 3: Getting to grips with natural language data

Using the Natural Language Toolkit


Grammar and syntax

Stylistics variation across authors, periods, genres, and channels of communication

Using NLTK tools

Module 4: Computational tools for text analysis

Tokenization in the NLTK

Comparing stemmers

Trained taggers and back off

Module 5: Statistically-based techniques for text analysis

Naive Bayes classifiers

Bayes rule

Hidden Markov models

Information and entropy

Decision trees and maximum entropy classifiers

Types of information extraction

Limitations of statistical methods

Enroll in this course to become an NLP expert