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Django Full Stack Development Course

Home Course Django Full Stack Development Course
Django Full Stack Development Course

Django Full Stack Development Course

Course Price: 8999 8999 BDT

Course Duration: 3 Months & 2 Months Intern

About Django Full Stack Complete Development:

Django is a python framework. Which is mainly used for web programming. Django Training course in Bangladesh is popular for its encryption packages. It gives protection against common attacks like XSS, Clickjacking, SQL injects and so more. Moreover, it hides the website's source code and notifies developers of various common security mistakes.

For modern web technologies, Django is performing like an unbound threshold. It has a great community of users and backers. Although there is a massive amount of materials and resources on this framework. The main usability of this framework is its fastness, security, and versatileness. Mainly it is a backend language.

Like Python, its framework Django course in Bangladesh is also easy to learn.

It is a highly secure, SEO-friendly, default admin panel for customization, portable, and highly scalable. IT supports the DRY principle (don't repeat yourself) that encourages developers to reuse existing code.

In Bangladesh, especially in the freelancing sector, Django's popularity is increasing day by day. Web programmers prefer the Django framework for its usability. And respect to other frameworks is the most demandable framework. And also the upcoming macro frameworks are really amazing. It also collaborates with the popular front-end language Java-Script

About all domain students, job holders, and entrepreneurs can learn the Django Framework course in Dhaka. This field is open to all and it is very easy to learn and also it is very fast. The basic skills required to learn this framework are patience and willingness.

So if you are interested to learn the Python Django framework HR VENTURE is the perfect place here in Bangladesh. We ensure you build your skills strong that helps your self-confidence.

We also give opportunity as an intern after completing the Django Training in Bangladesh. This is the best opportunity to involve many real projects. It'll help you increase your skills.

Course Content

Introduction Course Overview

Front-End Introduction + Python+ Django



Java Script


Bootstrap 4


Introduction to Python

Installing Python

How Python Code Gets Executed

How Long It Takes To Learn Python


Receiving Input

Python Cheat Sheet

Type Conversion


Formatted Strings

String Methods

Arithmetic Operations

Operator Precedence

Math Functions

If Statements

Logical Operators

Comparison Operators

Weight Converter Program

While Loops

Building a Guessing Game

Building the Car Game

For Loops

Nested Loops



What is Django?

Django Setup

First App in Django

First App in Django

Django Template Language (DTL)

Django Template Language (DTL)

Addition of two Numbers in Django

GET vs POST HTTP Methods

Model View Template (MVT)

Static Files

Static Files 2

Passing Dynamic Data in HTML

Passing Dynamic Data in HTML

If Statement in Django

Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

Postgres and Pg Admin Setup

Models & Migrations

Rest API


Admin Panel

Add & Fetch Data from Database

User Registration in Django (Part-1)

User Registration in Django (Part-2)

Passing Message in Django

User Login

User Logout

Final Project

Market Palace