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PHP & Laravel Full Stack Course

Home Course PHP & Laravel Full Stack Course
PHP & Laravel Full Stack Course

PHP & Laravel Full Stack Course

Course Price: 10000 2999 BDT

3 months course, 2 months internship

Who this course is for:

Complete Beginners

Professionals looking to bridge gaps in their knowledge

Python Developers looking to get into Web Development


Laravel is a free, open-source popular PHP web framework. Hr Venture provides PHP and Larvel training in Bangladesh.

In this Laravel course in Bangladesh, we cover everything. You need to know to build a website using PHP & Laravel and many more web technologies. This PHP and Laravel course in Dhaka covers all updated technology on PHP and Laravel.

Whether you want to change career paths, expand your current skillset, start your own entrepreneurial business, become a consultant, or just want to learn, this is the course for you.

HR Venture, we are providing practical training by industrial experts or programmers with real international projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our online live interactive class is smarter than physical class, here you will get physical class tests along with video after class, social media group and Whatapp group will update you always. This type of online system course is unique in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We are assuring you of the best online PHP and Laravel course outline in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Course Content

Introduction Course Overview Front-End Introduction + PHP+ Laravel

PHP Dependency Manager (Composer)

Understanding about Git

Environment Setup

Laravel (Request Lifecycle)

Laravel (Routes)

Laravel (Controllers)

Laravel (Views)

Laravel (Blade Templating Engine)

Laravel (request, Response)

Laravel (Middleware / Security)

MySQL database

PHP PDO (PHP Data Object)

Understanding about MVC

Project Deployment

Market Palace

And many more

Course Module:

# Lesson 1: Orientation & PHP Basic

Intro to PHP

Basic syntax, Variables & Constance

#Lesson 2: Laravel

Theory of MVC & OOP

Laravel Installation

Laravel Architecture Foundations

Routing and Controllers

#Lesson 3: Laravel Project

Views & Blade Templating

Forms & Validation, Upload Handling

#Lesson 4: Laravel Project

Session, Authentication & Middleware

Database Migrations & Models

#Lesson 5: Laravel Project

Basic CRUD Operations

#Lesson 6: Laravel Project


Eloquent Relationships

#Lesson 7: Laravel Project

Events & Broadcasting

#Lesson 8: Laravel Project

Email, Jobs & Queue

#Lesson 9: Laravel Project

Task Scheduling

#Lesson 10: Laravel Project

Cache, Notification

#Lesson 11: Laravel Project