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Database and Block-Chain Course

Home Course Database and Block-Chain Course
Database and Block-Chain Course

Database and Block-Chain Course

Course Duration: 10 Months & 2 Months Intern


Basic knowledge of programming

Laptop/Desktop with Internet Connection

8-10 hours of commitment to learning per week

Block-Chain and Database Administration Training Course Description:

The Blockchain and Database administration course in Bangladesh will introduce you to the Blockchain idea, fundamentals, and application. This Blockchain training course covers cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, developing and deploying intelligent contracts from the web and console. In this Blockchain course in Dhaka, we will cover all the topics.

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that are duplicated and distributed across the whole network of computer systems on the blockchain.

Blockchain is an emerging technology that has many potential applications. The blockchain contains a particular and verifiable record of every single transaction ever made. During this paper, we introduce the appliance for the prevention of potential plagiarism-supported decentralized architecture and a public-key cryptosystem, specified no need for a trusted third party.

Companies like Mozilla Firefox, Google, eBay, Kaspersky, Avast uses Blockchain technology to provide security to its customers. And nowadays, many commercial banks, govt banks use this technology broadly.

Our course is design beginner to an advanced level. So all domain holders can learn blockchain administration. This field is open for all types of security purposes. The basic skills required to learn Block-chain and database administrators are some databases, math, and some programming knowledge.

If you search for a Blockchain administration program in Dhaka city, you may find few institutes that give you live training but not a lot of hands-on practice. And also, you may find some boot camps or winners and live workshops which only share some sessions of data science which is insufficient.

So if you are interested to learn Blockchain administration, HR VENTURE is the perfect place here in Bangladesh. The benefit you can achieve with HR VENTURE is industry expertise. They focus on the industry need for Blockchain administration. We ensure you build your skills strong that helps your self-confidence.

Compared to other institutes, HR Venture is a trusted and leading institute for Blockchain And Database Administration courses online.

For a better future enroll in this course and become an expert in Blockchain Development today.

The course consists of Theory (40%) and Practical (60%)

Course Modules

Module 1: Fundamental study of Blockchain

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain working mechanism

Properties of Blockchain

Blockchain Class

Blockchain API and Network overview

Module 2: Blockchain and Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin network

Structure of a Bitcoin Transaction

Scripting language in Bitcoin

Applications of Bitcoin script

Module 3: Bitcoin Mining

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Economics

Types of Mining

Mining and Consensus

Assembling and selecting chains of blocks

Mining and the hashing race

Mining Pools

Energy Consumption and Ecology

Module 4: Ethereum and working with Smart Contracts

What is Ethereum?

Introducing Smart Contracts

Mining in Ethereum

Consensus Mechanism in Ethereum

Ethereum Programming Language

Editors and tools

Frontend Development

Module 5: Setting up a private Blockchain environment

Private and public blockchain

Various blockchain setup platforms

Ethereum to setup private blockchain

Steps to build a blockchain solution

Compile, deploy and instantiate contracts

Configuring, running, and working with the go-Ethereum client

Account management and mining

Module 6: Hyperledger

Introduction to Hyperledger

Hyperledger architecture


Hyperledger API and Application Model

Network Topology

Exploring Hyperledger frameworks

Module 7: Hyperledger Composer

Setting up Development Environment using Composer

Developing business networks

Testing business networks

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric Model

Various ways to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network

Module 8: Creating private Blockchain with Multichain

What Is MultiChain?

Privacy and Permissions in MultiChain

Mining in MultiChain

Multiple configurable Blockchains using MultiChain

Setting up a Private Blockchain

Module 9: Blockchain Use Cases


Digital Identity

Supply Chain

Healthcare and the Life Sciences


Experience with object-oriented programming

Knowledge of Linux fundamentals