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Python Basic To Advanced Course

Home Course Python Basic To Advanced Course
Python Basic To Advanced Course

Python Basic To Advanced Course

Course Price: ৳ 8000 ৳ 3999

Python Training Course Description:

Why we are best ?

1)  International Faculty 

2) Online Live Interactive Class

3) Industrial Experts

4) Project Oriented Class

5)  Job Oriented Training 

6)  Priority Basis Intern Facilities

7) Freelancing Support


1) WEB Development

2) Desktop Application

3) Game Development

4) AI, ML, Deep Learning

5) Data Science

6) Internet Of Things

7)  Automation

Course Module

Class0. Introduction, Installation, First Program, Data Types and

Variables, User input, formatted string, using print(), Keywords.

Class1. Operators, Expressions and Conditional Statements use case Problems.

Class2. Built-in Data Structures List, Tuples, Sets, Dictionary.

Class3. Loops: While loop and For loop and List Comprehension.

Class4. Function and Lambda function.

Class5. Generators, decorators, map, reduce and filter.

Class6. File and Exception Handling, Types of errors.

Class7. OOP: Classes, Objects.

Class8. Inheritance, Encapsulation.

Class9. Polymorphism, Abstraction.

Class10. Standard Libraries: OS, Math, Random, DateTime.

Class11. Regular Expression

Class12-14. Flask Framework

Class14-18. Project