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Python Basic To Pro (Python Guru) Course

Home Course Python Basic To Pro (Python Guru) Course
Python Basic To Pro (Python Guru) Course

Python Basic To Pro (Python Guru) Course

Course Price: 10000 2999 BDT

Python Training Course Description

Python is a popular language for multi-purpose programming. It allows object-oriented programming(OOP) and also procedural programming. It is popular for its library availability and it is totally free and open-source. In recent times Python programming course is popular in Bangladesh.

Programming languages are used to structure a real-life problem. And python has the behavior to support structural programming. And also it supports parallel programming that allows the programmer to run their program at the same time and do a lot of staff at the same time.

In Bangladesh recently for a few years, freelancing has been a priority to the popularity category. But respectively programmers lose interest in dynamic problem solving that is really shocking. Python gives the facility to solve dynamic programming very fast and easily rather than another language.

Although python has a vast area to develop programs. Like Django, Flux, Pandas, Seaborn, and etc. Recently in Bangladesh, the Django framework has got popularity for developing web-based applications.

About all domains, people can learn python. This field is open to all and it is very easy to learn and also it is very fast. The basic skills required to learn python are patience and willingness.

If you search for a python learning course in Dhaka city you may find several institutes that give you live training but not a lot of hands-on practice.

So if you are interested in learning Python courses in Bangladesh HR VENTURE is the perfect place here in Bangladesh.

HR VENTURE also gives opportunities to intern after completing the Python Basic to Pro courses online.

Course Module

Fundamentals of Python

Introduction to Python

Installing Python

Managing Projects

Using the Python IDE

Running Python Programs

Writing Python Code

Working with Data

Data Types and Variables

Using Numeric Variables

Using String Variables

Input and Output

Printing with Parameters

Getting Input from a User

String Formatting

Making Decisions

Logical Expressions

The Statement

Logical Operators

More Complex Expressions

Lists and Loops

Lists and Tuples

List Functions

For Loops

While Loops

Numeric and Date Functions

Dates and Times

Advanced-Data and Time Management

Random Numbers

The Math Library

Working with Strings

Character Data

String Functions

Input Validation with except


Writing and Calling Functions

Function Inputs and Outputs

Local and Global Scope

Finding and Fixing Problems

Types of Errors

Troubleshooting Tools

Using the Python Debugger

Python Classes

Thinking about Objects

Class Variables and Methods

Managing Class Files

Class Instances

Creating Objects with Instance Data

Instance Methods

Managing Objects

Food Fight Project

Introducing project and more