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Applied Automation Professional Training

Home Course Applied Automation Professional Training
Applied Automation Professional Training

Applied Automation Professional Training

Course Price: ৳ 9000 ৳ 4999

Applied Automation Professional Training

Course Duration: 4 Months Course with Project

Class Time: Weekly 2 Days

Why we are best ?

1)  International Faculty 

2) Online Live Interactive Class

3) Industrial Experts

4) Project Oriented Class

5) Job Oriented Training 

6)  Priority Basis Intern Facilities

7) Freelancing Support

Focused Job Roles: Automation Engineer, Process Automation, Test Automation

Environment Setup:

a) Python 3 Installation

b) Visual Studio Code Installation

c) Jupyter

d) Git Installation

e) GitHub

Core Python:

Why Python?

a)Input & Output

b)Variables and Datatypes

c)Adv. Datatypes list, tuple, dictionary & Set.

d)String Formatting


f)Conditional Statements- If, Elif, Else.

g)Loops: While, For

h)Function and Arguments

i)Lambda Function

j)Map, Reduce, Filter

k)File Handling

l)Exception Handling Try, Except, Else, Finally

m)Standard Libraries: Math, OS, datetime

n)User defined Module, Packages.

OOP Python:

a)Why OOP?

b)Classes and Objects






h)Implementation with Python

i)Project Online Banking System using OOP

Adv. Python:

a)File Handling

b)Exception Handling

c)Project- File System

Web- Requests:

a)Requests Installation

b)Automating Web Requests

c)Project- Image Downloader

Web Scraping- BeautifulSoup:


b)Extracting Data from Websites

c)Parsing Data

d)Project- Web Scraping

Scrapy- Automated Data Extraction:

a)Scrapy Installation


c)Creating Automated Spyder Bot

d)Web Crawling

e)Project Web Crawling

Web Automation- Selenium:

a)Selenium Installation

b)Web Driver

c)Automating Browser

d)Project- Browser Automation

GUI Automation- PyAutoGUI:

a)PyAutoGUI Installation

b)Automating Mouse

c)Automating Keyboard

d)Project- Computer Automation