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Python and Django Framework Basic to Advanced

Python and Django Framework Basic to Advanced

Course Duration: 4 months Course with project

Class Time: Weekly 2 days

Training Key Benefits:

1)  International Faculty 

2) Online Live Interactive Class

3) Industrial Experts

4) Project Oriented Class

5)  Job Oriented Training 

6)  Priority Basis Intern Facilities

7) Freelancing Support

Focused Job Roles: 

  • Python Developer
  • Django Developer
  • Backend Developer

Environment Setup

a)Python 3 Installation

b)Visual Studio Code Installation


d)Git Installation


Core Python:

a)Why Python?
b)Input & Output
c)Variables and Datatypes
d)Adv. Datatypes list, tuple, dictionary & Set.
e)String Formatting
g)Conditional Statements- If, Elif, Else.
h)Loops: While, For
i)Function and Arguments
j)Lambda Function
k)Map, Reduce, Filter
l)File Handling
m)Exception Handling Try, Except, Else, Finally
n)Standard Libraries: Math, OS, datetime
o)User defined Module, Packages.

OOP Python:

a)Why OOP?
b)Classes and Objects
h)Implementation with Python
i)Project  Banking System using OOP

Adv. Python:

a)File Handling
b)Exception Handling
c)Project- File System

Django Path:

a)Meet Django 
c)Installation and Setup
d)Project Layout
e)Django APPs
f)Django URLs
g)Django Views  Functional View and CBV
h)Django Templates
i)Django Static Files
j)Django ORM
k)Django Model and Database
l)Django Admin Interface
m)Django CRUD
n)Django Bootstrap
o)Ecommerce Online Juice Ordering System

Meet Django:
a)Ridiculously Fast
b)Fully Loaded
d)Exceedingly Scalable
e)Incredibly Versatile

Django Environment Setup:
a)Virtual Environment
b)Django Installation
c)MVT Architecture

Industry Project

International Collaboration: Data Core
Membership: BASIS

Course Price : 10000৳ 15000৳

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