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School Management Softower

It is a multipurpose school management software that is suitable for colleges, schools and universities for academic, administration and management-related activities. The system has different access rights for Owner, Admin, Staff, Librarian, Asst. Librarian Login, Teacher, Student, Parent, Clerk, HR, Receptionist, Transport Manager, Hostel Manager, Co-ordinator, and Alumni.

Technology Use:
  • PHP ( Laravel Framework )
  • Javascript ( Angular JS )
  • AJAX

Reasons to Choose our School Management Software

  • Single system for School/College/University or All together

  • Courses Management with and without semesters

  • Complicated modules are made easy with the Drag and Drop option

  • Create and manage Time table on the fly with flexible print options

  • Generate own timetable for Staff/Student with print option

  • Lesson plan management and tracking with a detailed report

  • Offline, Online and Scheduled exams support

  • Student promotions(promote, detained and course completion), attendance management

  • Graphical marks, attendance reports for individual and class

  • Custom fields Bonafide, TC certificate generation

  • Id card generation with multi-template options

  • Library Management System with multi-asset types

  • Separate module to generate and print class wise students with given no. of empty columns for administration purpose

  • 7 Type of users (Owner, Admin, Staff, Student, Parent, Librarian, Asst. Librarian)

  • Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question

  • Free/Paid Learning management Systems like video portal and downloadable items

  • Online and Offline payments with coupons

  • Dynamic multilingual system

  • Enable or disable modules with given settings

  • Negative mark exam support with difficulty level

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the student for each subject

  • Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks and many more

  • Drag and Drop features

Course Management

  • Maintain the Courses Master

  • Option for two-level of courses i.e, parent and child courses

  • Option to set the duration for each course

Offline, Online, Scheduled Exams

  • We have given the option to add offline exams where the marks can be uploaded manually

  • Online exams are normal exams the user can take

  • Scheduled exams are visible for specific time for a selected list of courses and years

Attendance Management

  • Option for taking attendance for staff who got allocated to class

  • Detailed report of attendance in a calendar with no. of classes held for that day

  • On click of the subject, detailed list of topics covered with the staff information

Library Management System

  • Option for multi-type of assets

  • Master record (Book) creation with types Issuable/Reference/Staff

  • Generate any no. of series records for selected master record

  • Book/Asset Issue and receipts Management

  • Option to make the asset to Damaged or Lost

  • Detailed reports are provided

  • Librarian and Asst. librarian type of users

Coupon codes

  • Enable or disable from settings

  • Option to enable coupon codes for specific categories

  • Maximum limit of using a single coupon code per user

  • Minimum bill amount to use the coupon

  • Start and end dates to use the coupon code


  • Currently, we are supporting 7 types of users Owner, Admin, Student, Parent (can be enabled/disabled from admin panel), Staff, Librarian, Asst. Librarian

  • Option for Create and update the details for students and staff and other users

  • Map student and parent users with simple selections

  • Option for mapping single parent to multiple children

  • On the selection of student/staff users, detailed reports will be shown with a separate dashboard for that student

Parents Module:

  • Can be enabled or disabled from Settings

  • A parent can add his children

  • Option to view the children detailed reports

  • Feedbacks Module:

  • Users can give feedback to the admin

  • Admin can view the feedback

Demo Credentials:

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Assistant Librarian Login :


Student Login : 


Parent Login : 


Clerk Login :


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Transport Manager Login:


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Alumni Login :